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1 in 3 Men Can’t See His Wiener

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Where Did It Go?

For centuries, men have been obsessed with their manhood. From size and length to the frequency with which they use it, many men consider their schlong the measure of their worth, for better or for worse.

So naturally, it’s pretty terrifying for the millions of men whose dongs are disappearing.

This might sound like any guy’s worst nightmare, but for millions of adults across the planet, it’s a reality. Of course, their wieners aren’t exactly shrinking or falling off their bodies, but it certainly feels that way. Why? Because with obesity affecting more people across the planet, men’s egos are getting harder to see, or indeed vanishing completely behind walls of fat.

Now, a new test is trying to scare men into staying healthy by asking them one question that makes them doubt their manliness:

obesity fat stomach over scale

Credit: Shutterstock/ Steve Heap

Can you even see your salami?