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100 Naked Women Protest the RNC Holding Just These…

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The Power of the Female Body

A leader in the world of nude art, Spencer Tunick is no stranger to large-scale projects that attract plenty of attention.

Most recently, the photographer organized a massive and eye-catching artistic protest in Cleveland that coincided with the start of the Republican National Convention in order to shed some light onto the politics and policies of presumptive nominee Donald Trump. Needless to say, both Republicans and Democrats are torn over Tunick’s project, Everything She Says Means Everything, which had 100 naked women protest peacefully outside of the the Quicken Loans Arena.

Critics questioned: is parading women around naked the best way to fight for women’s rights? Or does Spencer’s art demonstrate a complete lack of sanity? Is it even art? And what were they all carrying?

spencer tunick republican national convention

Credit: Timothy A. Clary/Getty Images

As it turned out, the artistic project packed a powerful message the RNC couldn’t ignore.