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14 Famous Works of Art Created On Drugs

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Art Under The Influence

Artists and their work have long been inextricably linked to drug use. From Ernest Hemingway’s personality-defining struggles with alcoholism to the heroin addiction that left burgeoning visual artist Basquiat on death’s front stoop, the expansive creativity of the innovative artist’s mind seems to have a strong desire to experiment with and abuse substances.

While often detrimental to their personal lives, and in some cases deadly, artists persisted in using mind-altering drugs to push their psyches into unexplored territory, to create new pathways through which their artistry could flow – or sometimes they just used them to keep up with their desire to create. As a result, many of our most prized works of art have either been heavily informed by drugs, or were created while under their influence…

van goghs olive trees

Source: Wikipedia/Public Domain

I’ll never look at a double helix the same way again…