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14 Male Celebs That Are Diehard Feminists

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“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” ―George Carlin

Much to the surprise of many unenlightened people, men can indeed be feminists too. The definition of feminism is different for everyone, but at it’s basic core it is the need for equality between the sexes: Socially, politically and economically. And while women are at the forefront of this never-ending movement, we do need the support of men who can acknowledge their privilege and who proudly voice their respect for women.

While I expect the trolls to come out of the woodwork anytime someone mentions “feminism” on the internet, let’s forget the haters and turn our eyes to some big name men in Hollywood and beyond who not only believe in feminism, but are outspoken about their views on gender equality. And the following gentleman are only a handful.

we can do it man

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These guys are truly men!