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14 Valuable Lessons Real People Learned From Break-Ups

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“Breaking up is hard to do.”

Yeah, yeah. We’ve heard it before, bub. That simple statement doesn’t encompass all the fights, heartbreaks, hurt feelings, loneliness, betrayal, and regrets. While going through a break-up is one of the most emotionally painful things we go through, we often do turn out a better person. Sure, we may go through a period of self-destruction where we indulge in vices a little too much, but we can also learn awesome things: how to communicate, compromise, act like an adult, value what we have, listen and be responsible and accountable. Redditors who have been through the wringer share their insights on break-ups.

Credit: Valery Sidelnykov/Shutterstock

Credit: Valery Sidelnykov/Shutterstock

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