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5 YouTubers Jailed For What They Did In This Video

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When It Comes To Making A Viral Video, There Are Lines That You Can’t Cross

We live in a time where having a lot of social media fans can give you a money-making platform, and posting content that has a shock factor gives it shareable appeal, which means more fans! Internet challenges like the cinnamon challenge, the duct tape challenge, and certain cases of the ALS ice bucket challenge showed that, while entertaining, some people can take it a step too far in pursuit of that perfect viral video.

trollstation subway strip club prank

Source: YouTube @TrollstationYT

For British YouTube account “Trollstation,” it’s their elaborate pranks that racked them up an impressive 718,000 followers on the tube site. Many of their videos are playful in theme, like the one pictured above where they surprised London Tube riders with a surprise strip club.

The group’s goal is basically to ruffle some feathers, and push the boundaries of what’s socially acceptable to create a buzz. But after their last couple of stunts, what started out as a harmless ploy for viral attention turned into a serious crime that landed five of the group’s members in jail.

Now I’ve got your attention, eh?

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