8 Billion Views for Someone You’ve Never Heard Of

Aug 25, 2016 at 5:31 pm |

This makes Johnny Depp look like a nobody

Last week, #WangBaoQiangDivorce got more than 8 billion views on the Chinese blog Weibo. That is BILLION, with a capital B, and every other letter of the word. To put things in perspective, there are a pinch above 1 billion people living in China. A scant 4 billion live in the whole continent of Asia. And a swelling 7.125 billion in the world. Which means that on average, everyone in the world engaged with #WangBaoQiangDivorce at least once. But who is Wang BaoQiang?

For those of you in the asian-film-industry know, I need not tell you that Wang Baoqiang is Chinese actor of mid-level success. In 2003, he won a Golden Horse Award for his performance in Blind Shaft(no joke). But behind this actor’s picture life a scurrilous sex scandal was brewing.

Baoqiang Wang, Ma Rong

Credit: News Pictures/WENN.com

8 billion’s not bad for a week

#WangBaoQiangDivorce got 8 BILLION clicks in Chinese Twitter. Get the story behind the man, the scandal and the story that broke the Chinese internet.