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85-Year-Old Farmer Becomes Fashion Hero With The Help of His Grandson

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Proof That True Swag Is Timeless

New tricks are way more impressive on older dogs.

While fashion may typically skew towards the young, and at 85 years old you might think this blue collar resident of the Fujian Province, China would be settled with his wardrobe, there’s nothing that a great eye for style can’t adjust.

farmer transformed into fashion icon

Source: [email protected] (@小野杰西)

After his grandson took the opportunity to spend some time with him, gave him a makeover, and showed him what life was like in the big city, this farmer became one of the most unexpected fashion icons on social media.

Find out what he looked like before he was fashion-mag ready and how the trending photos are inspiring others to reach out across generations to connect with their own grandparents.