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A Car Crash Left Her In A Back Brace, But She Turned It Into Something Totally Awesome

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Who Says A Girl With Back Injury Can’t Be A Steampunk Warrior?

For the context of this article, I’ll give all you folks who are saying “what’s a steampunk” a little context. Steampunk is a niche genre of science fiction/fantasy in which technology operates on steam rather than the advanced electrical technology that we use today. The aesthetic is very Victorian, and features a lot of goggles, top hats, gears, chains, and weapons. In most steampunk stories, there’s some force of evil that the public has to defend themselves against. The two brave ladies in the photo below are a perfect representation of steampunk:

steampunk girls


So now that’s out of the way, a teen named Maddie C. was recently in a pretty bad car accident with her mom, Linda. The accident left her with a T12 fracture in her spine, and although Maddie is recovering very well, she has to wear a back brace. As you can imagine, the physical restriction and unattractive design of the large plastic brace is putting a damper on the teen’s spirit.

Luckily for Maddie, one very talented friend offered her creative skills to transform Maddie’s back brace into a steampunk armored breast plate! “My daughter didn’t like the brace she had to wear after surgery,” Maddie’s mom, Linda, said, “so a friend helped her steampunk it. Best part, now folks are intrigued, and come up and ask why she has to wear it rather than just staring.”

Keep reading to get the full scoop and how Maddie’s friend pulled it all together!