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A Girl Kept All the Sexts Frat Boys Sent Her and Turned Them Into an Epic Song

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A Shocking, Musical Exposé of the College Hookup Culture

From seemingly innocent “hellos” to outright explicit booty calls, today’s hookup culture is a far cry from the courting culture of our generations past.

This is perhaps most true on college campuses, where newfound freedom and innumerable hormones–fueled by copious amounts of alcohol and other recreational drugs–combine to form a millennial Sodom and Gomorrah, or so non-millennials will tell you.

But all myths and misconceptions aside, one of the most unpleasant aspects of how young people flirt today is the facelessness of it all. While social media and texting may keep us connected 24/7, they also provide us with a faceless way to shamelessly distance ourselves from reality, a virtual Get Out of Jail Free card that allows us to say things to people in a message that we would never say in real life.

texts from a beta intro

Source: YouTube/ GDI Productions

One female student at Vanderbilt University wasn’t just going to sit around and do nothing about the nasty messages that certain fraternity brothers were sending her, however, so she repurposed them into something much more powerful.

If We Could Only See the Frat Boys’ Faces Now…