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A Judge Just Ordered This Dad to Start Treating His Daughter Like a Boy

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Family Court

How much control do you have over your own children, and at what point does the government have the right to intervene? What if the government told you you had to start treating your daughter like a boy? It may sound far fetched, but it’s really not.

Humans have been concerned about government overreach as long as democracies have existed, remaining ever-cognizant of the threat dictatorships, some monarchies, and authoritarian regimes pose to human rights and the freedom of speech. And what parent wouldn’t try their hardest to protect their children against the negative impact of a powerful government?

On the other hand, what if it was the state that needed to protect a child against her own parents? That’s exactly what happened to an eleven-year-old in Canada last week. Now, the preteen is in the middle of a bitter fight between two divorced parents and an ongoing identity crisis.

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Source: Twitter @WallaceLawNY

The father doesn’t support who his child wants to be…