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A Little Boy and an Old Man Teach Each Other About Life

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Remember when life was simple?

As we grow older, we learn many of life’s lessons through trial and error, victories and mistakes. But we often leave behind much of the knowledge we had when we were young.

The YouTube channel Facts. produced this heartwarming video that takes a seven-year-old named Sean and a 64-year-old named Des, sits them down, and has them discuss their thoughts on life. Naturally, one of the most honest and humbly inspiring conversations transpires, filled with wisdom that Des has gained along with age, as well as some simple and important advice that Sean shares from his innocence.

The duo discusses the ups and downs of old age and childhood, as well as their hopes for the future and any regrets they might harbor. Their conversation quietly teaches us some of life’s biggest lessons, reminding us to live positively and be content with what we have before it’s gone.

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Source: YouTube @Facts.

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