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Acid Attack Victim Becomes The Inspiring Face Of Indian Sari Brand

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True Beauty Is Absolutely Fearless

Laxmi Saa, an acid attack survivor is becoming famous in India’s fashion world not only for her unique beauty, but for the boldness she inspires in other women to stand up for their rights. A growing beacon of courage, she is quickly becoming known as one of India’s strongest women and feminists.

Saa — her chosen surname — is synonymous with the cause she represents, Stop Acid Attacks, a cause she’s been working on since she became a victim of the gruesome act over 10 years ago. But rather than let her attacker shut her down as a woman, Laxmi’s continued to raise her voice louder, and is striving to make some big changes to save other women from suffering the same fate.

Laxmi Saa

Credit: YouTube/Viva N Diva

Laxmi was recently picked up by Indian sari retailer Viva N Diva as a part of their “Face of Courage” campaign…