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Actress Ariel Winter Says Negative Comments Are Degrading

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And that just comes with being a woman in the entertainment industry

Being in the entertainment industry is hard, and being a woman in the entertainment industry is even harder.

Society has unevenly heaped demands on the female sex that can cost them big time if they don’t conform. For example, women are expected to have the perfect body (which varies from person to person), they’re expected to always be polite to men even when they’re being made to feel uncomfortable, and they must be sexually enticing. Though the rules have waned just a tiny bit thanks to feminism and social progress, there’s still a long way to go to minimize them to the point of being inconsequential.

One woman who has received this unfair treatment at the hands of society is actress Ariel Winter from the show Modern Family. But she’s not one to remain mum on the negativity doled out to her by internet trolls and media critics. In a recent interview, she explained more precisely how she feels women are constantly degraded because of sexist standards.

ariel winter

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Ariel just can’t stand the negativity that women have to put up with all the time