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Amazing Body-Cam Footage of Hero Cop Responding to Father Opening Fire on Wife and Kids

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Justin Ferrari saved a mother and kids from gunfire

While some American citizens are protesting the brutalities and lethal force used by agressive police officers in recent months, cops out there are still trying to maintain orderly communities and protect people from each other. Police forces were created to protect property and life, and that’s still a much needed service despite the fact that some men and women who enter the police force are not rightly trained or make severe, sometimes deadly errors in their career. There should be more accountability for cops who abuse their power, but it’s hard to deny that they don’t risk their lives to ensure the safety of others.

One cop was just doing his duty when he braved gunfire to save a woman and her children from a mad man who was hell bent on ending their lives. His body-cam, a device used to record police activities for their safety as well as the safety of citizens, captured the entire scene, and that policeman and his fellow officers are being hailed as heroes.

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Credit: Lolostock/Shutterstock

Who knows what could have happened if these officers failed to subdue the suspect.