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‘American Idol’ Contestants: Then & Now

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These guys have come a long way.

The legacy of American Idol has certainly been a memorable one that is near and dear to its cult fanbase’s hearts. The show lasted for 15 whole seasons, and each one proved to be more intense than the last. The singing competition brought us tons of artists that we all know and love today, with some even rising to superstardom.

While there were plenty of winners to go around, who we still support to this day, there were also other contestants that go down in history for their time on the show. Many of the runner-ups were just as talented as the winner that succeeded them, but just didn’t seem to have that “it” factor to help them get the top spot. We decided to take a look back at the most memorable contestants from the earliest seasons of American Idol, and find out how far they’ve come.

kelly clarkson then and now

Source: Fox/Instagram @kellyclarkson

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