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Another Cop Is Going Viral but Not for the Reason You Think

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An Officer and an Angel

A police officer from Richmond, Virginia is starting to get his fair share of fame on the internet, but it has nothing to do with him being a cop.

Mervin Mayo’s videos are an interesting sight: an imposing man in his police uniform, sitting at the keyboard in the music room of a school, surrounded by brightly colored banners of the solfège and motivational posters. It’s a bizarre image indeed, and then he starts to sing.

Suddenly, officer Mayo’s voice transports you away from the little classroom, away from your phone or computer and into some distant, soulful place where the only thing you hear is his singing.

Though the local police force and surely Mervin’s family have known about his immense talent for some time (his YouTube videos are all from the past three years), a recent video on the policeman’s Facebook is what’s launched him into trending news this week.