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Anti-Gay Hate Group Accidentally Raises Money For LGBT Group

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For LGBTI youth, this night could be a life-changing event.

Hundreds of teens each year look forward to the Same Sex Gender Diverse Formal as a night to truly embrace who they are in a judgment-free environment.

Run by the youth-led support network Minus 18, the event is described as “A night to wear what you want, come with who you want, and just be yourself!”

Drug- and alcohol-free and designed for people under the age of 21, the dance is a unique opportunity for LGBTI youth, as Minus 18 CEO says, “It’s a sucky reality for gender diverse and same sex attracted students from all over Australia, who are bullied or made to feel unsupported because of their identity.”

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Source: Minus 18

When one anti-gay hate group tried crashing the event, they overlooked one crucial detail.