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Australians Were Asked, What Are the Didgeri-doos and Don’ts When Visiting Down Under?

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Do You Come From the Kingdom of Koalas?

Is Australia the coolest place on Earth, or do the people, lifestyle, and sense of carefree adventure the country gives off just make it feel that way? Of course, many of us only know the massive continent of a country through TV shows, movies, and stereotypes, but it still remains a dream destination for countless travelers.

Have you been to Australia? Did everything there actually try to kill you? From unique species to terrifying specimens, both flora and fauna are bigger—and more dangerous—down under, so if you do get lucky enough to go there, you’re better off listening to the locals before doing anything too risky, or before passing up an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Australians of Reddit were asked the dos and don’ts of life down under, and their advice is priceless. Even if you don’t see yourself traveling there any time soon, you have to hear what these crazy Aussies have to say!

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