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15 Awkward Stories From People Who Got Walked in on by Their Parents

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Don’t You Know How to Knock?

Sexuality can be tricky.

Rarely is this more true than when we’re young and first experiencing the physical and emotional changes so analogous to puberty.

This change from childhood to adulthood is filled with growth, curiosity, and exploration, much of which becomes sexual as we try and understand our wants and needs whether alone or with a partner. Unstable as we already are during these years, the process becomes more complicated by social stigmas and taboos as well as pressure and expectations from friends and family. How can we find out who we truly are with so many people around us?

Living at home while attempting to have our first sexual exploits is anything but easy. What with parents, siblings, and numerous other relatives floating in and around the house on their own schedules, when are you supposed to get a moment alone, not to mention some private time with a potential love interest?

Inevitably, there are bound to be some awkward moments. Have you ever been walking in on by a parent or other family member? Or perhaps you’re the one who walked in on a scene you would have rather avoided. Whether a hilarious encounter or otherwise the most embarrassing moment of your life forever scarred into your brain, walking in on stories never go out of style.

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Prepare for the most awkward stories you’ll read today…