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Barbie Gets A Makeover And 3 New Body Types!

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Be Who You Wanna Be: B A R B I E

Barbie has been a lot of things during her 57-year career: Aerobics instructor, Spanish teacher, dentist, surgeon, paratrooper, POTUS, ambassador, life guard, police officer, astronaut, SeaWorld trainer, tour guide, movie star, ballerina, waitress, McDonald’s cashier — just to name a few. Barbie’s done and seen it all, and she’s always looked fabulous while doing it. But the only thing Barbie has never been? Realistic.

Until now. That 32″, 16″, 29″ hourglass is right out of a fashion sketch, but over the last decade she’s received a lot of heat for creating unrealistic ideals of beauty for America’s young people. Finally, better late than never, Barbie’s parent company, Mattel, has announced the release of 3 new body types for barbie: petite, curvy, and tall.

new line of barbies with different body types

Source: Mattel

In recent years, Mattel has lost a lot of business to Disney’s lines of princess dolls, especially Elsa and Anna, so these dolls may be an attempt to bring Barbie down from her pedestal and make her a more relevant and responsible toy for young girls (and boys!) to play with. But can they do it without avoiding any controversy? There’s already a lot of buzz surrounding the potential road bumps ahead for Barbie and Mattel.

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