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Bigots Flip Out Over Rainbow Doritos, Man’s Response Is Perfection

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Mike Melgaard Trolls Homophobes, 2.0

If there’s one thing that bigotry is excellent for, it’s laughing at the stupidity from whence it came.

So when the homophobes of the universe began attacking Doritos’ rainbow colored chips for being too “gay” the masked vigilante of LGBT social media marketing campaigns came out swashbuckling once more to point out what dolts these people are.

Mike Melgaard Trolls Bigots

Source: Facebook @Mike Melgaard

This isn’t the first time internet hero Mike Melgaard has created a fake brand account in an effort to make foolish people look like, well, fools. Back in August when Target announced their movement towards gender-neutral signage Melgaard created a faux-help desk account from Target and trolled haters who were spewing unneeded bigotry out onto the internet.

Now Melgaard is offering a repeat performance, this time over Doritos’ rainbow colored chips that were created in collaboration with Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better Project.”