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Biotech Companies Get Approval to Bring Dead Brain Back to Life

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It’s Alive! It’s Alive… Again!

You’ve seen it in romantic novels from the early 1800s or in cheesy futuristic movies from the 1950s, and the results were always the same. Now, thanks to official approval, scientists could be working on it for real.

Of course, we’re talking about reanimation: bringing organs–or entire beings–back from the dead. And while it sounds like pure sci-fi, it only makes sense that as science progresses ever further, experts are intent on making this B-feature dream a reality.

Does the future of mankind lie in invincibility, or at least in drastically prolonged lifespans? What other medical miracles could derive from perfecting the once mystical art of reanimation? And are we crossing too many moral and ethical boundaries?

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These two companies don’t think so…