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Blind Cat Gets A Second Chance With Help From A Seeing Eye Kitten!

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Have You Ever Heard of A Seeing Eye Dog?

I’m sure you have. They’re not all that uncommon, actually! HOWEVER, have you ever heard of a seeing eye kitten? Oh, you haven’t? Well, you’ve heard of unicorns, but that doesn’t necessarily make them real!

All joking aside, we really hadn’t heard of a seeing eye kitten before today either, but now that we have, BOY, are we excited about it. I mean, what if you lose your sight in an unfortunate accident and you’re allergic to dogs? Or what if you’re a CAT and you lose your vision? You probably wouldn’t want a seeing eye dog, then!

cat with seeing eye kitten

Source: Instagram @clevelandapl

Without giving away too much, an Ohio rescue cat named Steuben found himself a little lost in the dark, and a furry friend was never far away to give him a helping paw!

Keep reading to find out how this adorable little pair came together!