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Body-Shamed Celebrities Who Shut Down Their Critics

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These Ladies are Beautiful

London’s newly elected mayor, Sadiq Khan, has banned an ad campaign from the city’s underground public transportation that he deemed to be offensive and potentially damaging to people with body confidence issues. Hundreds of people have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about the ads for a weight-loss treatment that asked viewers if they were “beach body ready” like the svelte woman in a bikini posing in their ad. A petition for the removal of the ads gained more than 70,000 signatures.

But it’s not just the average person who can be body-shamed; celebrities are often targets of people who nitpick about their looks, even saying that the thinnest among them are overweight.

These ladies, however, refused to listen to their critics and fought back in these very public ways.

Emma Stone looking concerned

Credit: David Buchan/Stringer/Getty Images

This is the best way to shut down body shamers; show them how happy you are!