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Boy With Tourette Syndrome Finds Solace Through Singing

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“Just live with what you’ve got, who cares?”

Meet Adam Ladell. At first glance, Adam seems like your average teenager. And like any millennial, Adam loves technology, constantly filming his day to day activities in order to boost his online presence (he currently has nearly 7,000 subscribers and over 404,200 views on YouTube). Then, as you keep watching the lively, personable teenager, you’ll notice the tic.

Adam suffers from Tourette syndrome, the neuropsychiatric disorder characterized by uncontrollable physical and verbal tics. Adam also has OCD, ADHD, and anxiety problems, but you’d never know based on how he carries himself with so much confidence and personality in his videos.

Using his Tourette’s as a sort of running gag, Adam has vowed to document his own problems as a humorous way to teach others about TS, which an estimated 138,000 children in the US have, and which generally lessens or disappears completely as these teens move into adulthood.

adam ladell intro

Source: YouTube @TicTwitchTeen

One of the most astounding aspects of Adam’s Tourette’s is how well he can manage his tics while performing. Relaxation methods have been shown to help reduce outbursts in people who suffer from TS, and Adam’s knack for music is an exceptional example.

The difference when he sings his original music is like night and day.