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Economists Prove That If You Do This With Your Son, He Will Earn Significantly More Money as an Adult

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You Could Drastically Affect Your Son’s Life

When people have children, they often dedicate the rest of their lives to giving their sons and daughters the best life possible, working hard to afford them any opportunity at success and happiness.

New studies with parental advice and so-called “proven” parenting methods seem to come out all the time, with experts claiming to have found the solution to all child-rearing problems, from tempers and tantrums to academic and professional success later in life. But do any of these really work across the board?

A new study across nine countries has analyzed the factors that most determine a man’s success tracing back to his youngest years, and the researchers behind it think they’ve found the single most important factor that promises he will go on to have a spectacular future. And honestly, we don’t think it’s too far fetched at all.

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