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Can You Answer These RIDICULOUS Google Interview Questions?

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Your Interview Will Begin Shortly.

From our earliest days on the job market, we are taught to be overly prepared for the dreaded interview process.

After sending a cover letter, resume, or CV to a business, the next step often becomes a source of anxiety that could manifest itself in the form of a one-on-one chat with HR, a simple phone call, or an all-day interview with several people from across the company. The more difficult the job and the more prestigious the business, the more likely it is that the interview be an arduous process in which the employer will try their best to rack our brains and weed out the weak contenders from the strong candidates.

Do you remember your last interview? Was it easier or more difficult than you anticipated? Chances are it wasn’t anywhere near as tricky as the interview process at Google, as popularized by these leaked interview questions.

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Source: Google

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