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Cancer Ward Worker Impersonates Famous Celebs Charity…And It Makes the Patients Laugh

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He totally nails it

It all began when a cancer patient at Sydney’s Liverpool Cancer Therapy Centre told radiation therapist Mark Udovitch that she was more devastated losing all of her hair than having her breasts removed. That’s when the 28-year-old came up with a way to raise money for his patients. In Australia, there’s something called “Dry July.” During the month of July, those who want to participate give up alcohol for the entire month and help raise funds.

Instead of giving up alcohol, Mark will be giving up his hair during the ‘Dry July Shave Off’ at the end of this week. He, along with 15 dedicated radiation therapists, nurses, and physicians, will be shaving their heads, beards, or cutting off significant lengths of hair to raise money for their patients. But before he shaves off his luxurious locks, he took a few pictures, impersonating various celebrities. “I have gotten a very positive response from the wider cancer therapy community with many radiation therapists private messaging me saying how much respect they have for me and that they loved the photos,” Mark said.

These pictures are good too. From Kim K’s internet-breaking pose to Janet Jackson’s topless Rolling Stone cover, Mark does a great job channeling his inner, fierce celebrity.

Sydney hospital worker impersonates celebrities

Source: Facebook @Dry July Shave Off

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