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Celebrity XXX Tape Hacker Plans on Airing Everyone’s Dirty Laundry

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Everything is online today.

From homework and lesson plans to confidential corporate plans and financial records, even to our most personal and intimate photos and conversations: Everything exists online. And with the growing prominence of all things digital as well as innumerable software companies developing products to transfer even more information to virtual storage, this is a trend that we’re not going to see the end of any time soon.

What we will see more of, however, are the detrimental effects of hacking.

Anything can be hacked. From our personal cell phones to government and military records, anything can be hacked. We hear about it from time to time on the news, most often when it pertains to the election, or to military secrets, or, more often than not, to celebrity nude pictures.

The Sony hackings of 2014 changed the way Americans and many others around the world looked at hacking: This was now something serious, and as showings of The Interview were cancelled in theaters across the nation, we saw the real-life effects of what one or several hackers could do. We saw private emails, contracts, scripts, and all the ugliness that Hollywood hides behind the makeup and lights. But it won’t stop there.

You may not know the name Alonzo Knowles, but he is one of many hackers responsible for celebrity hackings akin to the so-called Fappening of leaked celebrity nude photos in 2014. Currently in jail for his crimes, Knowles already has plans for when he gets out, and they don’t include apologies or rehabilitation.

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“I’m gonna be rich as hell.”