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‘Chewbacca Mom’ Just Wants the World to Be a Better Place

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Can’t we all just get along?

Candace Payne became an Internet sensation with a short clip of her wearing a Chewbacca mask that made his signature growl when the wearer opened their mouth. She thought that it was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing as she wore it. The video went viral and the world couldn’t get enough of it.

The Texas mom is now using her 15 seconds of fame to ask people stop the explosion violence in America right now. Payne doesn’t live very far from Dallas, Texas, where protests are raging after recent police violence. During these heated protests, five Dallas policemen were killed by a vengeful sniper. Candace has words of healing for her new followers and fans.

Candace Payne and Peter Mayhew

Source: Twitter @TheWookieeRoars

She’s spread laughter to so many, now she wants peace.