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Controversial New H&M Ad Proves ‘There Are No Rules in Fashion’

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There Are No Rules in Fashion.

h&m ad hijab

Source: Instagram @mariahidrissi

This new H&M ad is causing major waves, and not just in the fashion world.

Designed to promote a message for sustainable fashion–recycling clothes through H&M’s global garment collection initiative–the clothing retailer’s latest ad has also torn down some barriers so rapidly, you won’t know left from right after watching it– and that’s a good thing.

The ad, entitled “Close the Loop,” features a colorful ensemble of models from a wide array of backgrounds, shapes, and sizes. You can’t help but quickly become a part of the diverse world–very much our own–the commercial paints, coupled with rule-bending imperative statements that convince the listener to ignore the set rules of fashion and do their own thing.

“Wear a hat indoors,” encourages the ad’s narrator in his playful, grave voice. “Stand out. Blend in [….] Wear socks and sandals.” The commercial moves through monotonous and dreary scenes that are illuminated by its cast, largely dressed in bright or clashing colors, looking fashionable or positively rebellious: looking like themselves.

And yet the ad is garnering most attention for its controversial themes.