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Video Animator + Kid = This

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Imagination is better in real life.

Growing up, it’s pretty common to hear kids arguing over who has the coolest dad. Whether it’s based on his car, job, actions, or a funky hairdo, it’s only natural that everyone believes their dad is, in fact, the coolest.

But what makes up a cool dad, really? Personally, we think it comes down to the actions and words a father demonstrates daily, instilling invaluable life lessons even if we aren’t aware of it at the time. To each kid, their dad (or mom, older sibling, or caregiver) truly is a superhero.

That being said, we still think this dad might have the upper hand. Wait till you see how he transforms videos of his kids into action blockbusters.

action movie kid intro

Source: YouTube @Action Movie Kid

Using home videos and animation skills, this guy may really be the world’s coolest dad.