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Country in Uproar After 17-Year-Old Dies During Female Circumcision Procedure

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The Devastating Reality of an Illegal Procedure

Female circumcision, also called female genital mutilation (FGM), is one of the most contentious health topics in the world today.

Though you might not hear about it often, depending on where you live and what you study, it’s a largely illegal procedure that affects hundreds of millions of women and girls around the world, especially in Africa, Indonesia, and the Middle East, as well as in countries with large populations of immigrants from these areas.

The subject of much debate among anthropologists, human rights groups, and the United Nations, female genital mutilation is steeped in a contorted history of culture and religion, healthcare and wellness, and the status of women within the societies that practice it.

Now, following the death of a 17-year-old girl in Suez, many Egyptians are in an uproar over the illegal operation and the fact that it is still being carried out clandestinely in local hospitals.

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Credit: Marco Longari/ Getty Images

Here are the tragic facts.