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‘The Daily Beast’ Outs Olympic Athletes, Then Asks for a Take-Back

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‘TDB’ reporter exploits and endangers Olympic athletes

I don’t care about the Olympics. I’ll admit it though, watching Simone Biles gyroscopically flip around in the air made my heart flutter, even brought a moistness to my eyes, but, save that, the games are kind of a bore. A quadrant-split screen with buff, scantily-clad dudes flopping around in the water, trim female tennistas howling off their volleys, ripped bikers scaling mountains, and tan beach volleyballers rolling around in the sand just tends to leave me staring off into the distance.

But when The Daily Beast sent reporter Nico Hines to troll the Rio Olympic Village for hookups, then report back on them to the world, I sat up on my sofa. Hines, who is straight and married, used Grindr (for those of you without a smartphone, the gay dating app that begot Tinder) to solicit dates with Olympic athletes, and then he wrote in-depth descriptions of the athletes for the world to read about. Several of these athletes were not openly gay and from nations where homosexuality is a serious crime or punishable by death.

Nico Hines

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Reporter outs Olympic athletes putting them in serious danger