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Dating Site Promises to Match Canadians With Americans Trying to Escape Trump Presidency

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I’ve Had It, I’m Moving to Canada!

Many Americans have a difficult time sympathizing with the plight of refugees across the world because, more often than not, they think that, while a tragic humanitarian crisis, such a situation could never affect them.

The election results in November might change all of that.

Chances are that at one point or another, you’ve heard somebody threaten to move to Canada. In fact, it’s high up there on the list of things white people love to do. Whether or not they were being serious, Americans love the idea of an escape to the Great White North, an extensive land we view in our social imagination as a more liberal, more European version of our own country.

Historically, Americans have fled northward during dramatic policy changes, such as when Millard Fillmore signed the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 (upwards of 20,000 African Americans migrated to Canada in that decade), or during the draft for the Vietnam War. Of course, some would view having to endure certain presidents as equally as painful and dangerous.

But how can you secure your emigration to Canada if you don’t already have a job or family there?

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This new dating website has got you covered…