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Did This Commercial Just Ruin Christmas for Everybody?

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‘Tis the Season to Give Spoilers…

paypal christmas commercial 1

Source: YouTube @paypaluk

The holiday season has only just begun, yet people are already in an uproar over an unlikely grinch: a PayPal commercial.

The advert in question, which was posted onto YouTube on October 30, has been airing on British television and showing a rather grim (or perhaps just more English) version of the holiday celebrated by billions of people each December.

Barren of the usual Christmas cheer, the ad instead features two little boys who are suspect of their parents’ laissez-faire attitude before the holiday. It all begins when one brother breaks the sad news to the other: “Toby, I don’t think we’re getting any Christmas presents this year.” “Have you noticed how mom and dad have been around so much lately? Normally, this time of year, they’re out shopping.”

And just like that, the myth, legend, and enchantment of Santa Claus is defamed and revealed, right on TV where millions of British children can see it. But is it really such a huge deal?