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Director Kevin Smith Has the Best Response to a Troll Bullying His Daughter Online

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“This troll said he wanted me DEAD.”

Hate is everywhere these days, and the accessibility and expanse of the internet makes it easier to spread vitriol than ever before. Now, while comfortably avoiding the reality of in-person conflict, those pusillanimous trolls of the internet hide safely behind their semi-anonymous profiles while making disparaging comments or otherwise promote their spiteful and likely self-loathing agenda.

Perhaps no community is more aware of how far humanity has fallen than celebrities with social media. Whether or not they check what their fans and haters write in the comments, no celebrity profile or platform is free from the bullying: direct insults to themselves and their families, uncalled for critiques of their talent, and all-around bewildering comments.

Every once in a while, however, the harsh words of this endless troll army crack through the shield of stardom and elicit a response from these famous artists and entertainers, allowing their wrath or otherwise empathetic display of humanity shine through. While Justin Bieber deleted his Instagram this week citing too much hate from the masses over his difficult relationship with Selena Gomez, other celebrities fight fire with fire, striking back at the trolls where it hurts most.

When famous comedy director Kevin Smith’s 17-year-old daughter Harley Quinn Smith was viciously called out by a troll after simply posting an Instagram of herself from last week’s Sundance Next Fest, the father-daughter duo came out to put the troll on blast, leaving a super inspiring message in their wake.

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What would you have said if it were your daughter?