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Dirty Little Secrets Corporations Don’t Want You to Know

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Secrets, Secrets

Secrets are a lot of fun, but only when you’re privy to them.

And yet all around us, everywhere you look, there are secrets. Some of these don’t affect our lives in any way, but others directly impact us whether or not we know about them.

Some of the biggest secrets that do have an impact on us, whether for better or for worse, come from some of the very companies and products we depend on in our day-to-day lives. Redditors from these corporations were asked to share the little secrets their companies don’t want us to know, and their responses were pretty mind-blowing!

From the best ways to improve customer service to knowing which products are a total waste of your money, these are the best dirty little corporate secrets on the web!

Telling secret at table

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Is ignorance really bliss?