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A Whole New Word: Disney Princesses Sing in Their Native Languages

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A Whole New Word

Disney moves have long been criticized for their unrealistic portrayal of women, from unhealthy body images to oft choosing their “Prince Charming” over academic or business pursuits, and even for speaking less than their male counterparts. One thing the famous studio has done with expertise for nearly a century, however, is create stunning cultural depictions of their characters and the worlds they live in.

From Romantic France to Ancient Greece, from Imperial China to New Orleans in the Roaring Twenties, Disney movies were transporting us across time and space before we were even old enough to understand what exactly it was we were watching.

For each film, creative teams at Disney perform dedicated research to make sure that the stories they bring to life — while fanciful — are at are at least passably accurate, from costumes to sets and specific characters.

One thing we haven’t really seen them do in America? Bring us the princesses’s true languages.

disney language intro

Source: YouTube @Movie Munchies/ Disney

Finally, hear the Disney Princesses sound like they actually would have!