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Do You Believe Her or Suspect Her? Netflix Drops Chilling Trailers for Amanda Knox Documentary

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Crime dramas and real reporting have captivated American audiences for decades.

Starting in print and then moving to radio, television, podcasts, and internet streaming, allowing the audience to feel like they are participating in the investigation of unsolved or disputed crimes permits for a loftier viewership. Suddenly, all of us are detectives, police, and arbiters thanks to the sense of realism these programs give us.

Did you listen to the Serial podcast? Did you watch Netflix’s hit Making a Murderer? Since then, both the case of Adnan Syed and Steven Avery have been reopened and reevaluated millions of times by professionals, amateur sleuths, and fans alike. Chances are they were the topic of conversation at your place of work for months afterward. Clearly, there’s something in this formula that works.

So who’s next on the list?

Ladies and gentlemen, your newest obsession: Amanda Knox.

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Credit: Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

These trailers are brilliant…