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Doctors of Reddit Give Us Their Favorite Patient Misdiagnoses

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Paging doctors of Reddit

With technology these days, it’s easy for one to diagnose him/herself. All it takes is to go online, type some symptoms into WebMD and, bam, you’re officially about to die. Well, that’s what the site makes you think. Has there ever been a time you’ve misdiagnosed yourself, only to go to the doctor and learn that it’s something totally different? I’m sure it’s happened more than once.

When you’re sick or in pain, it’s hard to be patient and wait to make a doctor’s appointment, especially if it’s after hours. In a Reddit forum, a user asked doctors, “What’s the most outrageous self-diagnosis that you’ve heard from a patient?” I swear this stuff can’t be made up. All I have to say is, people are cray.

Concerned doctor in a hat and mask

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These patients just knew they were gonna die until doctors told them otherwise. Well, some of them.