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Doing the Deed: Redditors Share How They Lost Their Virginity

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Is it a moment you’ll always remember, or one you wish you could forget?

Any way you look at it, losing your virginity is a crucial moment in your life. Whether you were the first in your grade in middle school or waited until marriage or true love, there’s an enormous and semi-unspoken emphasis placed around your first sexual experience that makes the whole moment a lot more nerve-wracking and monumental than it ought to be.

For many of us, the pressure around losing our virginity makes the first time a clumsy tussle in the dark, say, in our parents’ basement with a high school crush, or maybe in the car after that awkward dinner and a movie. Yeah, we’ve all been there, but who better to share their stories than our forthright friends Redditors?

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Redditors were asked to recount how they lost their virginity, and their answers may just take you down memory lane.

Does your first time top these?