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Donald Trump Says Caitlyn Jenner Can Use Any Bathroom She Wants

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Another curveball!

Donald Trump has been unpredictable this entire campaign.

More progressive than his fellow Republican candidates, Trump has been accused by his opponents as bowing down to political correctness or not properly representing the morals of his Party before, and after his comments this morning on NBC’s Today show, conservatives are coming after the candidate again.

One of the hottest issues this election season has been LBGT and specifically transgender rights, especially as places like North Carolina have pushed back against the general trend to allow transgender people to use the public bathroom that fits their identity.

Yet as social conservatives are trying to keep bathrooms and changing rooms separated binarily by sex and socially-accepted gender confines, Trump has gone and thrown a wrench in the machine yet again.

This time, Caitlyn Jenner got dragged into the discussion.

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Credit: Spencer Platt/ Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images/ Shutterstock

Here’s what Trump had to say. Wait till you see how Cruz responded!