Donald Trump’s Most Personal Secrets Revealed!

Mar 16, 2016 at 11:22 am |

Anonymous Strikes Again.

There’s no question that Donald Trump has become one of the most controversial presidential candidates that this country has seen, and it’s definitely creating a lot of tension. While he has a huge support system that many have been surprised by, his borderline bigoted comments have rubbed so many non-supporters the wrong way.

Since he is doing well in the polls, and has a good shot in this upcoming election, Anonymous has finally stepped in, declaring “total war” on the tycoon, hoping they can push him to drop out. They’ve already revealed some very personal information that you might blow your minds.

terrible celebrity quotes donald trump

Credit: Al Bello/ Getty Images

See what Trump secrets have been unveiled on the following pages.

The Donald is going to be furious when he sees this.