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Don’t Get Into The Wrong Uber… Here’s Why

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If you know about the car sharing service, Uber pairs drivers with passengers via a smartphone app. Unlike professional taxis, Uber rides take place in drivers’ personal cars, which could lead to some uncomfortable situations.

In my opinion, Uber is terrific. They are reliable, easy to access, and incredibly clean compared to most taxi cabs. Yet while most Uber drivers are totally legitimate, there are always some rotten apples in the bunch. Check out these tales of “Uber” rides gone wrong.

First thing’s first: Even when you have been drinking, make sure to take precaution for yourself or your friends when getting into an Uber. Once my friend made me screenshot and text the Uber driver’s info to them before I even got in the car. Uber provides you with the make and model of the car assigned to you as well as the license plate number, so don’t hesitate to share with a friend or family member, and always double check before getting in.

Now onto the real stuff…

outside of an uber car

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Take note of these tales gone wrong and take caution when Ubering!