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Down Syndrome Man Refused Entry at Store – Sister Fights Back

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Story Courtesy: Storyful/Aoife Lawlor

So much love for this boy. Fuck you JB HI FI

Posted by Cassy Milne on Monday, September 21, 2015


A woman’s Facebook post about an Australian store’s behavior towards her brother, who was born with Down Syndrome, is quickly going viral. Victoria Milne, from Brisbane, wrote about the treatment received by her father and brother in JB HiFi, a home entertainment retailer. The security guard of the store refused to allow Milne’s brother James into the premises, believing him to be a banned customer – a white male, also with Down’s Syndrome.

Despite James’ physical differences from the man in the photo held by the security guard, the store manager allegedly backed up his actions in refusing James entry.

Milne writes that, “Mum called up the manager of the store, demanding that he apologize to her son, to which he replied that “he would never, ever, ever get an apology” from him and that he had “the right to stop anyone he pleased from entering the store”.

I have never been so disgusted and mad in my life. Today at JB HiFi Mt Ommaney, when my dad and my brother (who has Down…

Posted by Victoria Milne on Monday, September 21, 2015

As news of the story spreads, supporters of Milne and her family are taking to social media to ask for changes to be made towards people’s actions towards the disabled. JB HiFi have since issued a statement of apology.

Milne’s post has been shared 64,017 times at the time of writing.

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