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Elderly Man Robs Bank, Tells Police: ‘I’d Rather Be in Jail Than Home With My Wife’

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He did whatever he could to escape his marriage

No one ever said that marriage was easy, and too many people enter into it not knowing the huge responsibility that it is. Divorce rates rose to 50% in the 1970s and 80s when people realized that they got married too young and just shouldn’t have married this person. Those who stuck it out were either in love or just didn’t feel like divorce was an option for them due to their religious convictions, their family’s expectations, or because they didn’t want to have a financial burden.

But, there are some of those people who just should have gotten divorced. This guy didn’t consider divorcing his wife, but he has sentenced himself to a terrible fate to get away from the life he was already living. I’m not sure that this was the best option for him to take, but hopefully he’s happier where he is now.

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Jail life may be better than home life for him.