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Everyone Around You Disappears for 24 Hours. What Do You Do First?

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On My Own…

You wake up one day and start to go about your business. You shower, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, and head to work for the day. There’s no traffic; your commute has never been so easy. But then it begins to feel eerie. Where is everybody?

The idea of being all alone in the world is probably something that’s crossed your mind once or twice, and shows like The Leftovers, where millions of people inexplicably disappear have only made the idea more real.

What would you do if everyone suddenly disappeared and you had the entire town, country, and world to yourself? Of course there are two ways to approach this: Realistically, this assumption means that all vehicles, trains, and planes could come crashing to halt, power plants could shut down or start a disaster, and there would generally be chaos that you might have to deal with alone. On the other hand, you could take a more positive perspective and assume everyone’s disappearance means you’re left to your own devices without having to worry about any other problems.

Would you loot? Would you travel? Or would you just go about a normal, lazy day? See how your plan stacks up to all these other hysterical (and mainly criminal) ideas!

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What would YOU do?