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14 Examples of Wild People Who Got WAY Too Out of Hand

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Hey I heard you were a wild one.

If you do something crazy, but you don’t post it on social media for everyone to see, did you really do it? Can’t prove it? No? Guess not.

Such is the mindset of so many people, especially the younger and more daring among us. Thankfully for them, there’s the internet, which allows us to almost effortlessly document the wild and reckless behavior, say, of college students or bachelor parties. The more out of hand it gets, the more views it will surely receive. Can you say ‘viral’?

But even among all the Jack***-inspired, risk-taking thrill-seekers out there, there are the truly untamable wild ones that make the rest of us look downright chicken. Lucky for us, they, too, document their stunts online for us all to admire.

Take, for example, this young woman. “When you get bored in class so you just walk around”


madlad girl bathroom selfie

Source: Imgur/ Mister_AA

Can you even HANDLE this craziness?